Our home is committed to providing a wide variety of activities and entertainment encouraging residents to keep physically and mentally active.  Activities are arranged daily as a group and or on an individual basis including movie nights, shopping trips and music events.  Where possible staff will also arrange escorted visits outside the Home. 

Equally, we respect people’s need for privacy and quiet, and residents can always choose how they wish to spend their time.  The staff aim to provide an atmosphere in which residents can make decisions for themselves and feel at home, while at the same time receiving care of a high standard.


One of our favourite activities is the friendly, fun musicians Daz and Dave who tailor their act to the needs and preferences of each audience. 

Our staff work with the individual residents to encourage them to have ‘fun with food’ this can be tailored to the individuals ability and choice.

Once a month (and/or when needed) the residents have a meeting where they are actively involved in planning the activities for the following months, we ask for feedback on all our activities to reflect and understand the preferences of each of our residents.