At Asher Care, we consider food provision as another essential element of our overall care and the value of making eating an important part of the day. Our team meets with residents individually to record their preferences and if required, to help stimulate their memories of wholesome and tasty foods, whilst also providing for specific dietary and allergy requirements.

Typical daily menus will include at least two alternative dishes, and the cook is happy to prepare alternative meals if requested. In addition, snacks and drinks are available throughout the day and night.

An example of a daily menu



A choice of cereal, toast, porridge, fruit and yogurt.
Tea , coffee, fruit juice


Cooked Breakfast


Option 1
Local Roast beef, homemade Yorkshire puddings with seasonal vegetables and rich gravy.

Option 2
Jacket potato, choice of filling with salad


 Strawberry cheesecake
Fruit and Yogurt or Cream

Mid afternoon

Selection of mixed Danish pastries
Freshly baked  cookies


Proper Cornish Pasties
Soup of the day

We promote personal choice at Asher Care, if you would like an alternative to the days menu then our team will endeavour to make the necessary arrangement to support your dietary choices

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Our philosophy is to support local business with local fresh ingredients to create healthy, tasty meals.